Thursday, December 4, 2014

Delta Waterfowl Dinner

Delta Waterfowl held its annual dinner at the Chamber Center tonight. I passed the baton to Oney several years ago and gave up my spot at the table so he and his Dad could have a night together.  It has become something they both look forward to doing together. Judson always invites Pancho and Tucker and Chad and Maddie. I just can't stand this grown up do these two look? Maddie is gorgeous and of course I think Oney is the most handsome thing EVER! 

Oney always gets excited about something in the silent auction. This year it was this duck fan. He sleeps with a fan every when he saw this fan he had a fit for it. Judson coached him through the bidding process and he ended up with it!!! This was him coming to wake me up and show me his prize when they got home.