Saturday, December 20, 2014

Total Youth Leadership Party

Ally was fortunate enough to be chosen to participate in our counties "Total Leadership Program". It is just what it says, a leadership group for high school juniors inside Tipton County. They meet once a month their entire junior year and participate in team building, leadership training opportunities. It is a really neat program and Ally has enjoyed it so far. Ally asked me if we could have a little Christmas get together for the group and Judson and I were thrilled to do it, of course! Anytime we can have the kids hang out at our house, we love to have them! Ally said I had "WAY too much food"...of course, the kids ATE EVERY SINGLE BITE! It was a great group...very polite and well behaved. I was glad we hosted. 

Ally and Oney's specialty...pretzel, rolo, and M&M bites. Of course, she picked out the red and green mms. But "I" am the one that goes overboard she says...
Reindeer cookies
Can you tell I love my new Cricut machine?
A little momentum for the kids to take with them.
Ally and Blake Glass in the "photo booth" or "green screen" that we have upstairs. I remember when the kids stood there and were about 3 feet! 
The "TOTAL" Group...I can't name them all but these are some that I know...Conlee Lea, Raygen Ramsey, Weston Downing, Blake Glass, Bailee Moss, Curtis Wall, Bailee Webb...
A Tipton County or maybe I should say Covington Tradition?!?! The kids now call it "spray paint road" we used to call it "the Curve". 
Should I be a little concerned with Ally's intelligence or quality of her education when she misspells her name??? ALLLLLLLLLLLY got a little carried away it seems!!!!