Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oscar Night

Ally and her boyfriend Darien went to Oscar night together. I have resorted to screen shotting the kids instagram accounts to steal pictures of them. I thought these were two cute posts! 

I love this picture...
Ally and Taylor being, well, them...silly...

Ally doesn't like to get dressed up as much as Abby, so when she does, I try to snap lots of pictures. How gorgeous is she? She looks so old and mature in this...yet so young and innocent. Her dress was perfect...classy and dazzling!

I ADORE this picture...I think Darien caught her off guard in this one!

The basketball girls that attended Oscar night. 

Darien, Ally, Taylor and Preston

Logan, Molly, Preston, Taylor, Colton, Brooke, Ally, and Darien

Proud DADDY...


Scary but cute

Ally and Judson's candids are the BEST!

MY GORGEOUS GIRLS just as pretty as they are sweet. 


Jidi and Sittie came over to see Ally all dressed up. Its a tradition we have!