Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sad Times...Happy Memories

My "Mee-Maw", my mother's Mother,  has not been well for sometime. She has been at Asbury Cove in Ripley until about a week ago. Her mind fading faster than her body. She fell on Christmas Day and after being transferred to the hospital, we believe she had a heart attack. They sent her back to Asbury Cove. Then two days later she was hard to wake up and couldn't swallow her medicine or eat or drink. So, they transferred her back to the hospital.   Her condition has declined rapidly just since her birthday on November 24. There has come a point in time where there is nothing the doctors can do to improve or extend her life here on Earth. Her tired and frail body is just wearing out. 

After 82 long, and many of them hard years, 

one set of parents,

three sisters,

one brother,

one husband,

two children,

a daughter and a son,

five grandchildren,

ten great grands and one more in the oven, 

lots of nieces and nephews,

and great nieces and nephews,

tons of friends and neighbors and church members,

it is time to let her go and give her back to the one who created her in the beginning. Boy is that easier said than many quick, sudden tragic deaths have happened this Christmas Season in our small town. People have died who are much younger than Mee-Maw and who haven't been suffering and preparing their families for their death. It is so hard to understand. Why and how does this all happen? Why are some gone way too soon and some left to suffer way too long? That isn't for us to understand or to try to figure out. We just have to have that constant FAITH. FAITH that He is more powerful than anything here on Earth and FAITH that He will make everything be okay. Without FAITH, you have nothing. With it, you can face tomorrow. 

So, that is where we are...taking it one day at a time. Surrounding her with love, comforting her, telling stories, holding her hands, keeping her warm, crying, singing to her, laughing, just being there for her like she has been for all of us the past 82 years! I have told my kids several times lately...just how much their (our) Grandparents mold and make you who and what you may not realize this for many years to come...boy has Mee-Maw given us some awesome pieces of heritage to pass on to our kids. Im too tired to elaborate, but I will have to do that another day!

 It is so hard to watch my Mom...she is such a TOUGH woman, but I don't think ANYONE is ever ready to give up their "Momma"! Please PRAY for my Mee-Maw...for PEACE and REST for her. God will take care of the rest.