Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 7: Welcome to the United States of America...Home Sweet Home

It really doesn't matter what city you land soon as your feet hit American soil you feel at home! We landed in Atlanta and breezed through customs. Our global entry was amazing! So simple and easy and speedy. Glad we did that paperwork this year. 

I think someone missed me because I swear before the wheels were on the ground I got a text with this picture from Judson saying welcome home. 

We were all starving and thirsty. We really wanted Chilis but there wasn't one in our terminal so we settled for TGI Fridays. 

Our bodies are going to go in shock from the amount of food we ate tonight. I imagine re entry will be a little difficult on our bodies. We shall see. 

So far no one has missed anything so hopefully we didn't leave anything behind. Our great leader did come back with a little extra something...his room key! No problemo...he will drop it in the mail tomorrow! 

As usual, our little power outlets/usb chargers come in handy! We all were like Hawks on our cell phones once we landed. We had to make up for lost time. 

Delirium is starting to set in...were all getting a little silly! 

So ready to see my family! Oh how I have missed them!!!!! Taking off in Atlanta now!!!