Friday, June 5, 2015

Perfect Homecoming

It was so so nice to make it back home safe and sound. We didn't really have any sickness or major injuries to speak of while we were gone. Thank the good Lord! 

We did have a flat tire on the way to the airport that I forgot to mention in my earlier post. It wasn't a big deal at all to the Dominicans. They jumped out and had it changed and we were back in the road in less than 30 minutes. 

My family knows me so well. They were ready for me. They sent me this picture before my plane took off. Sweet aye?

So as soon as our plane landed Judson texted this to me and said that he was preparing dinner for Ally and I for the first night home. Whoa! No rice please!!! 

Then he sent this picture...this was more like it! Fresh cut filets from Naifehs. 

This is an absolute first...anytime I am out of my office for more than 3 days, my desk starts to have piles everywhere!!! Look how clean my desk was...I'm not sure if they "handled" everything for me or if they just threw it away. Either desk looked amazing and I was ready to leave again! 

I did find some pretty hilarious photos and videos on my computer from Abby and Oney. They must have been so bored!!! They were so cute and funny and it really looked like they were getting along great without me! Now that makes me proud! 

I have been uploading pictures for hours. I just love sharing pictures with everyone. I really enjoy taking pics and I enjoy sharing them even more. 

I can always count on my produce manager to "miss" me or at least pretend like he does anyway. He welcomed me back with fresh cut fruit on my favorite! 

I received this text yesterday. TRA is far from perfect. They (not everyone-just a handful of administrators) have done a whole lot of things in the past to alienate me and my family. If I let one or two people dictate me and my families happiness, we would have changed schools years ago. I know that wherever you go, there will be "politics " involved. Sadly -that's unavoidable. But, this trip, these kids, these teachers, these parents, this environment, reminded me why my kids started school at TRA in 4k and why Ally will graduate from there next May. Those are all the wonderful reasons TRA is a great place-the only place- for my kids. So for the one or two of you "leaders" %\£%+¥# who nitpick and try to run off some of the good families...try harder. It's gonna take a little more to get rid of my family. So for now, I continue to give positive references to new families or people in the community. 

It is so good to be home. But, I really really do miss my Dominican Friends. I catch myself throughout the day hearing their laughs, their language, thinking I see one of them, or running up to a total stranger (child) wanting to pick them up and love all over them! I just can't wait to go back. What a blessing it was for me. I am missing my roomies too! We had so much fun just hanging and talking. Thankful for such a positive trip!