Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Nest Was Empty...Sort Of...

The girls opted out of Pickwick and Judson, Oney and I went up of the weekend. Oney had friends at the lake so we never really saw him, only to get gas money for the seadoo and when he was hungry!
We took a ride to Shiloh Falls, the recently abandoned golf course. It is such a sad sight...becoming a wildlife refuge. 

We stopped off to see Pop. 

Oney and his friends. 

Our sweet lake friends, the Carlocks. 

I stole Oney's instagram. 

It came a rain shower while we were gone and Biggs had a complete come apart and scratched on this  door until he bled. Ugh...

Our flotilla as we were leaving....all adults kiddos. 
Selling Yeti's off of the boat! 

Ginny's new toy! She and Oney went shopping!!!!

Oney and the girls rocking it on the master craft. 

The flyover...I always love it when they do flyovers at the lake.