Saturday, December 19, 2015

Moms and Misfitz

So, Ally has a new group of friends that have become inseparable. They are all VERY different in many ways. Some go to Munford, some Rosemark, some Belmont, juniors, seniors, freshmen, tall short, ballers, cheerleaders, scholars, jokesters...they have labeled themselves the "Misfitz" for obvious reasons. They are a sweet group of girls. I am just glad to see her out and about doing many different things and expanding her horizons of friends. You can never have too many friends that is for sure. 

The kids decided the Moms needed to get to know each other. They were having a footed pajama Christmas party and decided they would include us Moms. Of course the moms were honored to spend a Saturday night with their daughters! One catch, we had to wear our footed pajamas. I didn't own a pair but Ally was kind enough to go buy us a MATCHING pair! That was a big deal to me...Ally wanted to match me?! Ha!

Letta, Destiny, Jenna, Ally, Kayla, and Haley

Me and Xan

Can you tell they love having their picture made?

Matching Sassy Santas...Me and Al