Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sweet Moments

These are just some random pictures of special seconds in time that I snapped pics of to remember. 

Ally had an awesome basketball game in Millington last night. I always call/text Joe and give him a report if she does well. He was sick he missed this game. After EVERY game, he shows up in my office the next morning just like this photo...

He is holding the clippings from the Commercial Appeal...how cute and priceless is this?!

Oney has started checking on his Sittie and Jidi pretty much daily now. They always need something done...a lightbulb changed, a box lifted, a branch trimmed, something put in the attic, a tv fixed, an iPhone session, etc. Here he is relighting their pilot light in their gas light at their front door. 

Sometimes I think they are concocting things just for the visit! 

This was a rainbow as I was driving to work this morning. You cannot tell from the picture, but it looked like one end was at my mom's house and the other end was at Judson's parents house. It just was gorgeous!

Judson and Oney changing out the chokes on his new gun he got for his birthday. 

They are sometimes like oil and water but today they were in sync. Judson had patience and Oney was listening. It was a brief moment...loved watching them. 

Moments like these are what life is all about.