Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Baby is 14!

My sister is always so thoughtful and tries to do a birthday meal for the latest birthdays in the family. She invited us all over for Oney (12-3), Ginny(12-8), Dana(12-5) and Daphne's(11-27) birthdays. My one request???, a childhood memory, a "Ms Joyce" birthday cake. I grew up having all of my birthday cakes made by Ms Joyce Howard and they are the best. I told mom I wanted a big one and boy did she deliver! It was double stacked and HUGE! We all got to take home leftovers. This is the only time I get cake other than Naifeh's bakery cakes. I ate cake until I was sick!

I cannot believe that Oney is 14. My baby is 14. My last child is 14. He has grown so much this past year, physically and emotionally. He is such a gentleman with the biggest heart and soul around. He is a hard worker and caretaker. Im not sure what he will do in life, but it will be something GREAT! We definitely gave him the right name, Oney, after Judson's grandfather.  We worried he would have big shoes to fill...he is doing a fine job!

Happy happy birthday Judson William Oney Naifeh, Jr. Keep making us all proud!

THANKS to Das for always being the best big sis!