Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ally and Al Wilson

Jud played in the FedEx StJude ProAm again this year. He was paired with Jim Brown. Judson was unusually excited to play this year because of one of the attendees..."AL Wilson"!! 

When Ally was less than a year old ( and I was 7 months pregnant with Abby), I passed her over the rail at the Tennessee-Vanderbilt game to Al Wilson. This picture was our Christmas card that year. It read, "Merry Christmas from Ally and Al". Tennessee went to the Fiesta Bowl and won the National Championship. We had more people call and ask us to mail them a card or just call and talk about it. It definitely was a big hit!
So, when Jud heard that Al was going to be here, he said I have to take a copy of that picture and show it to Al. Of course, Al being the nice man he is, he LOVED it! He remembered that day. He said he wasn't sure who was more afraid...him or Ally!!! He signed a copy of the picture!

How amazing is this photo? A rainbow in the background and the Danny Thomas flag. Judson was tearing up in this picture, just thinking about his Grandfather and Danny Thomas.