Monday, June 2, 2014


After we got past the fact that (a) Mom had to have 13 stitches in her finger after she sat in a beach chair and nearly severed her ring finger AND (b) Dad had to be transported via ambulance from Corinth MS to Memphis late last night with a SEVERE infection from his leg bypass surgery two weeks ago, we decided to put Mom in a car and get her on the road home. Rob graciously offered to drive her so Daph and I could stay at the beach with the kids. Dad is going to have a surgery tomorrow morning. This is very serious and they aren't even sure at this point if his bypass work they did two weeks ago will take now. The cultures will be back in the morning to tell if it's staph. Daph and I needless to say are worried sick. Poor Ginny and Pop. Stay tuned. Pray please. Pray. 

Awesome awesome day again today. Just relaxing. No schedule. No stress. (Except for the obvious gut wrenching worrying about our parents) Great day. 


I loved this picture!!! 

Just wish Ally had come with us! She missed out! 


I LOVE my Sister!!!! 

Silly pics with Abby Lane! 

Gonna try to fatten these boys up this week...

Watch out for that S!&?T A seagull pooped on Abby!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂


He L❤️VES the waves. 

Selfie Sunday!

Technology time...

Ice cream and blueberries...yum yum

Please remember my parents. My mom needs your prayers.