Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th at the Lake...We Made It

We woke up Saturday morning and packed our bags and hit the ground running. We drove in the rain pretty much the whole way there. Since it was raining so bad, Hayden didn't have to lifeguard. So, he and Joze jumped in the car together and drove to the lake and met us. Abby was excited to say the least. So, the weekend all worked out just perfect for every little thing we had planned. 

I woke up with iritis (inflammation in the eye-like arthritis in the eye-which causes my eyes to be sensitive to light). So, I wasn't feeling great. I laid down in the dark bedroom while Judson and Brad took all the kids to the rib cage for dinner. I always keep my eye patch with me and my eye drops so I grabbed it and off we went to the boat. 

The sun even came out briefly before our boat ride to the dam to watch the fireworks show. 
 These two goofballs were acting silly-so I of course, had to snag a picture. 
 Abby put her "LebCon" look on for just a minute!

 The sky looked dark and it sprinkled a little. But, we made it back to our boat dock before it rained too hard. Perfect timing. 
 The kids hung out in the basement and we sat out on the porch with the Williams and the Waits. When we woke up Sunday morning, they were ready to go out. Oney and Hayden started out on the inner tube together. I took a few pictures with my camera but I haven't uploaded those yet. 

 My little Patriotic Couple
(Guess who dressed Hayden this morning)

Our take at getting a "good" patriotic boat picture. It needs some major photoshopping! 
 We have deer all over these woods in front of our house. Its crazy-they get so close! 

I never grow tired of watching the boats and barges travel up an down the lake.


Oney showing Danny the bed swing we added last summer. I think he loved it as much as we do! It is the best thing ever for that upstairs porch! As soon as Judson walked outside, Clara Lee begged him to do Roman Candles with her. He was tired and didn't really want to - BUT - do you think he told her no???

My neighbor has been doing major construction on his house. I have been looking at this port a potty in my driveway for a long time. I am ready for it to go. I did have to snap this picture though...that is Biggs, our dog, using the port a potty!!!

After Ally and Oney had a little practice on the new SeaDoo Spark, they were ready for a short camera shoot. Ally said can you come take a couple pictures of me? I said sure of course, not knowing where or what they were doing. She we go...I had NO IDEA they could get up that high that fast. There is a big difference in the Sea Doo Spark weight and the Sea Doo Wake. They had a great time riding it. I will post this original picture when I get it off my camera.