Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Left Behind at the Lake

We have gathered at the lake the past few years with some childhood friends and their kids. We typically do it the week after the 4th. Jud and I have been so busy this year with the stores it is insane. Trust me-its a good problem-its just been really time consuming. Adding some different items to our mix has added a lot of time and effort.

 That being said, I just don't feel like I have caught my breath at all. We pack up on Friday, go to the lake, pack up on Sunday and come home. Work our rears off Monday through Thursday and do it all over again. Ally has basketball and Abby had to work. So, I opted out this year. I just didn't feel like I had it in me. Mother offered to keep Oney, so I left him with her. I know Mom was disappointed in me for not staying. She should have been. I have got to learn to start saying no to more things. 

I know they had fun and I know I missed a ton of great food, late night talks, and storytelling. I stole a few pictures from Oney's snapchat. He really had fun and I was glad he stayed. I know he was helpful with the boats and sea doos too.

Waterfall jumping and Rope swinging

While he was gone, after work each night I tried to catch up on a few things at home. I missed Oney right off the bat. I had to poison my ferns, roses and hydrangeas. The japanese beatles were taking over our house. Yuck!

This tomato plant proves the power of a tiny seed. We aren't sure where the seed came from? A tomato? The trash? The mulch? Anyway...this plant just appeared. Well, with our love for tomatoes, we decided to keep it...right in the middle of our flower bed! Look how HUGE that plant is!
Oney and all of the "girls"!
The kiddos playing games at Das's house. Oney and Owen sure were two lucky fellows with those gorgeous girls!
Oney decided to stay at the lake until we got there on Friday. He took it upon himself to go ahead and cut the grass, water my flowers, wash off the porches, do the laundry, etc. YEP...that is all 100% truth...damn he's a good kid! This snapchat was of him pushing the lawn mower!
When I was watering the tomato plant one day, I found this cute little friend. How AMAZING is this creature? Look at the detail on it. SUPER COOL...just think of the detail God put into creating this beautiful Earth. It is indescribable. 

Oh, and did I mention that he cleared the lot next to our house and made a bonfire area complete with stumps to sit on? 
Biggs misses him BAD and so does his Momma. 

Look at all of those little tomatoes and blooms on our plant.

oops...another friend...
Our beautiful house when we pulled in that Friday night. THANK YOU Oney! You are the hardest working young man I know! Keep up the hard work and compassion for others!