Thursday, July 2, 2015

Leb Con Day 2...Cousins Arrive

So, we packed up the house (literally) and prepared to head to Memphis for the next two nights and then straight to Pickwick after that. All of the family headed to Jay and Kathryn's for dinner tonight. The kids swam a little and the rest of us just hung out and had time to catch up with each other. It was nice to have "just us" around for once and be able to have a decent conversation and true catch up time. There are usually so many of the crazy Naifehs/Shdeeds at once that you cannot hear yourself think must less have a really quality conversation. I think everyone enjoyed the calmness of the night. 

For once in a long time (since they were younger), I think the older kids were able to connect and enjoy each other. You know everything which teenagers is "awkward" and they never want to do anything weird or not cool. But, I think they are going to have a great time this weekend. This was taken after dinner when we were all just casually hanging at the table sharing social media stories/pictures! 

After dinner, we headed to the Sheraton to check in and get our "Lebanese" on!!! Since we opted to have dinner at Jay/Kathryn's tonight, we skipped the formal convention activities. We did walk down to the party and check it out. Abby and Oney went to bed when Judson and I did. Ally opted to stay downstairs with her cousins. 

Here is a shot of them doing the  Dabke...the Lebanese dance! It is a form of line dancing as well as circle dancing. Pretty cool and a lot of fun! Judson and I actually did the Dabke at our wedding!

Great night and expecting another good day tomorrow...