Thursday, January 17, 2013

Seven Day Weekend

I think this should be Judson's new theme song..."Seven Day Weekend"...It describes him to a "T"! It even says his favorite line in it - "We can sleep when were dead"! 

So, as Judson gets older each year, we are able to "one up" him and catch him off guard. He used to ALWAYS be on his toes and NEVER let his guard down! 

We ate Mexican after basketball practice tonight. Our surrogate family (Breck and the girls) joined us. The kids asked if they could tell the server it was Jud's birthday (it was two days ago). Of course, I agreed, knowing what was to come! 

Ally's tweet with his picture simply stated..."He never saw it coming"! Happy Birthday to an AWESOME Daddy and Husband! Not to mention a great sport! We LOVE you!