Saturday, October 10, 2015

And Were Off!

Someday we are actually going to pack and prepare for a trip WITHOUT feeling like we have been shot out of a cannon! Not this trip!

This week was homecoming week at TRA and Ally's senior year so it has been SUPER insane trying to do everything and get out of the country for a few days.

Judson and I finally laid our heads on a pillow at 1:45am and our alarms sounded at 3:30 to wake up and head out the door. We had a 6:00am flight to Atlanta then headed to Cabo San Lucas from there. We were all like walking zombies in the airport. Of course, we had a long walk in the Atlanta airport. As usual (in Atlanta), I took a ride on the cart and I actually had some company this time. OF COURSE someone had to take a picture of us.

We boarded the plane in Atlanta and said goodbye to diet cokes and data plans. We were scattered all over the plane because we booked our tickets a little late. It didn't really matter though because we all had plans to sleep the entire flight. I ordered a "Pink Martini" only because it was for a good cause of course...breast cancer awareness. It did just what I wanted...I sucked it down and the next thing I knew we were landing in Cabo! Yippee!!!

We grabbed our luggage, rental car and headed to Diamante , our home for the next few days. Luckily, Judson and I have been here a few times so we knew exactly where we were headed. We made a pit stop at an EXXO to buy a cold drink and a snack. Sadly, it was raining. Boohoo!

When we arrived at Diamante, wow, were the kids impressed! We didn't tell them but our friend, Tim,  who invited us to come, had our accommodations upgraded for us. It was UNBELIEVABLE to say the least. Words can't even describe how amazing our place was...just surreal! Jud went down to Tim's villa while the kids and I unpacked and got settled into our Villa. Of course, we were all eyes peeled to the Tennessee-Georgia game. WE WON! THANK goodness...boy did our players, fans and coaches need that win!

After the game ended, Judson and the men ran to the grocery to get a few things to get us through the night. Judson was a little challenged with his Spanish. Ally and I really did learn a lot of Spanish on our trip to the Dominican. We "had to" really came in helpful. I would like to do a Rosetta Stone before I go back with Abby next year. We shall see.

We all went to bed early. Buenas Noches!