Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Last Day, REALLY?

Is there ever enough time on a vacation? I say no! It is very rare/sad that our family gets to totally shut down from the business. Our phones ring night and day...24/7...emails/text messages/calls...alarms going off...complaints...last minute orders...special requests...employee issues...its all part of why we are still in business...I get that. Its part of it - you take the good with the bad. That is why I like leaving the country. It makes such a difference in our quality vacation time when we are "somewhat disconnected" from the stores. Judson is able to relax just a little bit more, I turn on my out of office reply, and we let it all go for a few days. Knowing when we return, we will hit the ground running HARD! 

This week started out with a phone call Monday morning at 4:00am from Randy saying that a 25 year employee of ours had quit with no notice. Yep...happy vacation! Judson handled it great though. We couldn't do anything from Mexico and so he told our help to make the best of a bad situation and do the best they could. By that afternoon, we got a text from Randy saying everyone was working together as a team to get it all done and they were going to be just fine until we got home. WOW!

So, in spite of the rain the first two days, our employee shake up, preparations for a huge 2 day sale the day we get home, etc this was "hands down" one of our BEST family vacations EVER!!! Judson and I both tried to forget about issues we have at work and just focus on a fun, light hearted, relaxing quality family vacation. As I am typing this today, Abby came in and said Cabo was the best family trip we have ever had. Success! 

 The private drive to our resort...
 A panorama from the master upstairs suite! It was amazing!
Judson played golf today with the men and the kids and I drove to town. We had lunch at The Office which is the perfect touristy place to go. The food is always great, the atmosphere even better and there is even shopping on the beach. 

 After we ate, we did the typical tourist braiding, henna tattoos, bought fake sunglasses, bracelets, etc.

We were hot and tired after all of this hoopla, so we opted to head back to our pool and villa for one last afternoon. Then, we showered and got ready for a photo session at the beach. Why are family pics so darn stressful? I mean even just a simple beach picture causes stress?!? But, we are always glad we did it! 

 The newest photographer in the family...Ally has my love for photography! 

I think we were all starting to get a little delirious here...

Ally interviewing her Dad on his love for ketchup...look at his plate...

After dinner, we went back to the Villa and finished packing up. So sad...NONE of us are ready to go home..well, maybe Abby...