Sunday, October 11, 2015

Buenas Dias from Cabo

Wonderful sounds as we woke up this morning...rain hitting our roof top...but not the way you want to spend your days in Cabo...rainy, cloudy, windy...

Today was spent watching football, stocking up on groceries, running a few errands, finding our way around, etc. Judson helped me cook breakfast this morning (which I LOVED), he never helps cook breakfast. It was kind of fun having a partner in the kitchen.

We had lunch at the Marina at Baja Cantina. Judson and I have been there with Tim before so we knew it would be good and it was! The couples that are staying with Tim and Shamala ate next door to us so we were all right there together. Everyone was checking out their fantasy football scores since it was Sunday.

We are sort of getting discouraged because of the rain. I really am for the kids sake-I could be happy here doing nothing! Tomorrow is supposed to clear up-keeping our fingers crossed!

We ate dinner tonight at the Cantina at Diamante which is a sure bet for a great meal and a great time! Marco, one of the servers there, remembered Judson and I. He has been here every year since our first year to come. The other group of couples ate at a table next to us so we were able to enjoy the family and our friends. So far everything is working out great-with exception of the rain.

Damon and Danielle brought Judson a little happy from the duty free shop in Dallas. He has been wishing for this bottle for two years. We saw it and didn't buy it and he has been sad every since. How cool is this? A 3 liter bottle of Crown!

Tonight at Sunset right at the end...the SUN peeked through the rain clouds and it was so beautiful! Excited about tomorrow!