Friday, October 9, 2015

Homecoming Week Moments

Well, homecoming isn't like it used to be at the Naifeh household.  I used to get all three of my kids picture each morning before school all dressed up in their outfits for each day. Now, we are scrambling at the last minute, scattered here and there, snapping photos with an iPhone rather than my camera. I find myself stealing pictures from the kids instagram pages and twitter feeds. Oh well! 

This year's theme was the decades since TRA is celebrating their 50th anniversary. Oney and Jeb dressed up like old men one day. They drove over to Jidi's and got canes, hats and newspapers. Those two just crack me up. I told them they looked like two grumpy old farts! 

 Ally  and her group of friends dressed up like the gang from Saved by the Bell, a show that Judson and I watched when we were in college!
 Oney had to wear a throwback outfit one day...her wore a t shirt of Judson's from 1998...yep...our National Championship Year! Pretty good, heh?

 Abby and Anna Claire and Joze on class t shirt day.
 The girls dressed up for the 80s day. Abby looks just like me! 

 One of the highlights of Homecoming week is the Friday tailgate day! It has become a huge deal for the parents and the kids. It takes a lot of work but the kids always enjoy it. This year everyone seemed too tired to enjoy it. 

Oney and Brooke hanging out at the senior tailgate! 
 Blessing the food before we eat. 

The 80s was so much fun decorating for Ally's tent. The store did these Pac Man cookies. 

 Poor Ally, she was responsible for so much at school this week. She survived. But, she was completely exhausted by Friday. Homecoming is a lot of fun but it brings with it a ton of stress and pressure. It is always a relief when it is over with each year.
 She was trying to get a little nap in but God love her...Ms Ann went and woke her up! 

 My girls both came and sat in my lap within five minutes of each other. I just loved it...they never show me any affection anymore. I miss those days. 

 Abby's Class Float
 Some of the other floats...

The Senior float...Ally pulled it with her Daddy's truck. 
 Not really sure what these clowns were doing here...
 This pretty much sums up the week right here...