Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ziplines and Tanlines

I definitely think my "status" went way up today with my kids. We went to Wild Canyon for a morning of zip lining! What they don't tell you when you sign up is that you have to hike pretty large distances between lines. Judson and I had done this before so we knew what to expect. Even though Jud and I are in the worst shape we have ever been in, we made it! It was a bit tougher than last time or at least it felt like it was. The kids all made it fine of course. It was a lot of fun. Here are a few shots from their camera. 

 After our workout this morning at Wild Canyon, we all opted to go straight back to the Villa and relax by the pool. 

We went to Sunset De Mona Lisa and had a glass of wine and took pictures at Sunset. It was the perfect spot Tim had picked out. It really helps to have someone map everything out for you that has done it before. It just takes the guess work out of it. 

I have to steal my high and kisses from Oney these days. He is growing way too fast!

My three "kiddos"...they really got along great this trip. I just keep thinking to myself, how different things will be next year this time. Ahhhh...

When they were babies, this was one of my favorite shots of them, standing on our boat at Pickwick with their little booties poking out of their bikini bottoms. 

Look at O and Jud...I really think Oney is going to be taller than his Dad. Danielle and Oney had to take a pic together just for funnies! Sorry Damon! 

One of Ally by herself...just because! 

Damon giving photography lessons! 
Abby enjoying the view and I am quite sure snap chatting Hayden....

The tres amigos loco, three crazy friends! Damon, Judson and Senior Tim
These three have had some good times together. The grocery business has brought some wonderful people into our lives. Tim has been so generous and kind to us over the years and we are grateful for his friendship. Damon, well, he is credited with screwing up Judson's golf game. Haha!


PYT and Damon
Movie stars
Bottoms UP!
Pretty in Pink!
Our restaurant tonight reminded us of a place we ate with the Naifeh gang in Rome several years ago. Great atmosphere and good times! 

Good night amigos!