Monday, October 12, 2015

Day Tres..."SOL" (Day Three...Sunshine)

Cabo is not the easiest place to fly to. Look at this map and you will see why!

I was so excited after grocery shopping to make some fresh, hot, gooey, chocolate chip cookies for the kids (with milk of course) until I got out the "tub" of cookie dough. Guys what? It wasn't cookie dough but it was butter instead! No longer could I pick on Judson for his poor Spanish speaking skills...I did it! So, the joke all week was about our tub of butter!!!

After breakfast, we hung around and waited on the rain to clear out of here. We were hoping it would be gone as soon as we woke up. We had lunch at the Villa and then headed out to the Laguna to play around. The Laguna is a 11 acre man made body of salt water that is so beautiful it doesn't even look real. They have paddle boarding, kayaking, water trampolines, a swim up bar, etc. Definitely lots of action there for the kids-young and old. Ally had her Go Pro so we got lots of action shots. Im not sure who fell off more, Judson or Ally. It was a pretty close race believe it or not. 

After our adventures at the Laguna, we got dressed and drove downtown to the Marina. We shopped around for a few minutes and took some silly pics and then headed over to find a boat. Judson found us a boat and a Captain and explained to him what we wanted to do. He said he would grab us a 6 pack of Corona, some ice, and take us out to watch the Sunset at Lands End. Here are some interesting facts on Lands End and Cabo in general.  Perfect-just what we wanted to do! Judson and I did this once before with some friends and it worked out great. I had much rather be with just my family than one of those huge touristy boat tours.
We bought vanilla for everyone back home.

Here is the view we had as we headed out of the Marina. Just gorgeous!

We saw all of the famous spots...lovers beach, divorce beach, the spot above that you can walk across 5 days a year, the window to the Pacific, the Sea of Cortez, the sea lions, etc. These pictures just do not do it justice. 

This picture below is said to be the wind to the Pacific. 
Ally has become quite the photographer/videographer!

After we had been out at sea for several minutes, Judson and I decided either we were a little under the influence last time we did this, we have aged a bit, or it was just rougher today, OR maybe all of the above! But, needless to say, I think maybe next time we should rent a bigger boat! Ally had some priceless looks on her face when she saw the size of the waves we were tackling. Thank goodness her camera kept her busy.

Of course her Daddy just kept on rolling and died laughing as he cut up with the boat Captain about the size of the waves. 

We did manage to get a decent family picture...yeah! I can't believe how old everyone is and how Ally is soon going off to college. It just doesn't seem possible. 

Tim took great care of us and had dinner reservations at the same restaurant as their group. We sat at the table next to them so we were able to enjoy the family and our friends. We had a great bottle of wine, the best bruschetta ever, and a meal that was to die for...seriously!

We tried to take pictures of our food all week to tease Judson's mom because she always texts us food pics. The food looked and smelled so good tonight that we all made happy plates before we remembered to take pictures! 

After dinner while we were waiting on our check, I looked over and the kids were laughing so hard and just enjoying each other-no fighting. It was so nice to see them like that so I had to snap a pic. 

This is a picture from our back porch...our own private swimming pool, hot tub, and a view of the Pacific Ocean. Look at that cruise ship out there...I could just sit here and take in the sites and do nothing else. There is just something so peaceful and relaxing about the beach. Brings back a lot of great childhood memories too!

Today was an awesome day!