Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

Praying for the victims of this terrible tragedy. As of now, there are three confirmed dead and over 100 injured. Our country was stricken with fear similar to 9-11 this afternoon. The news first broke on #Twitter...can you imagine the #tweets there would have been had #twitter existed on 9-11? It was a day to count your blessings and have a reality check on what matters in life. 

Some photos from the scene are below. There were much more graphic ones posted. I prefer not to share those. 

 I hate the cause of this photo but I love seeing the red, white & blue! May GOD BLESS AMERICA!

 You can see runners crossing the finish line in this photo. The explosion was to the right where the flags are flying just before you cross the time clock.
Our nation was instantly put on "high alert". Look at this photo from Times Square in New York City. It is so chilling to me to see. Thankful for all of the BRAVE firemen, policemen, guardsmen, soldiers, etc who walk directly into danger on a daily basis for our safety. Thank you. Kiss and hug your babies and husband tonight.