Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Sleepy Mother

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful mother,
Who cared for her kids, without being a smother.
She worked very hard, and needed a rest,
This nap will help her, and keep her un-stressed.

She  loved her life, but was so tired you see,
When you're "On the Go", you sleep every moment found free.
There are many joys in life, like watching her kids grow,
But nothing is better, than attending a Las Vegas show!

Her kids are all great, but Abby is the best,
When she prays every night, she knows she is blessed.
While this mother is sleeping, everyone keeps quiet,
That's hard in the Naifeh house, we are always in a riot. 

I think the world should finally know,
My beautiful mother's shining glow.
When she awakens from an afternoon nap,
The whole world should burst with a clap. 

An INSPIRATIONAL poem about a young women's nap,
By: Abby Naifeh


Dana said...

Oney is the best if you ask me!!! Abby is the 2nd best! I love Abby dearly but I just can't handle the fact that Oney does everything for me.