Friday, April 5, 2013

Viva Baby...Las Vegas

Judson is really enjoying his "European Man Bag" that me and the kids bought him in park City. He fought it a little bit. But, now he LOVES it. He has officially retired his laptop and back pack for his EMB and ipad on trips. It is a much lighter load! 
What do ya know, the Robertson Family from A&E's hottest show, Duck Dynasty are making an appearance at this year's ACM Awards. Judson and I say it every year. If you are somebody, then you are at the ACM AWARDS in Vegas. The biggest names in entertainment are there every year! 
Willie's wife, Korri's, instagram post on their way to Las Vegas. 

My Miami Vice by the pool. Nice. 

Our room service I ordered after Judson won a little money on the slot machine! 

Many more pictures to come...I just have to upload them. Will post more later. It was the best weekend!