Sunday, April 21, 2013

Go Lucy Go!

What a fun day! Days like today really make you appreciate being from a small town like Covington. Oney, Judson's Jidi, used to always say that Covington was "the Garden Spot of the World". I have come to understand his true love for this sweet little town the older that I get. 
It was awesome seeing Lucy smiling and waving to all of her fans today. Such a sweet, beautiful and innocent girl that is one tough little cookie. Boy will she hear stories told to her for many years about how she changed so many lives. Her Mother, Kate, and family are such an inspiration to everyone. 
Go Lucy Go!

I have been having some issues with being on my feet for a long amount of time lately. So, I didn't think I should even attempt to walk the 5k. I am saving myself for my big Washington trip with Abby and the 8th graders coming up next week. I went to cheer everyone on! 

Boy does Lucy love her Amanda

I was just snapping pictures left and right like I do and look at these two pictures I got! Ms Nancy and Mr Paul blowing kisses and waving to Lucy and Erik and Kate cheering on big sister Ella! These are two of my favorite scenes from the day. 

So very PROUD of my girl, Abby. She ran the 5k and finished with an awesome time, 37 minutes. 

Oney with his cousins Jake, Hyatt and Gracen. 

Oney didn't do the 5k because of his broken arm. He still wanted to be a part. So I signed him up for the fun run. His doctor would probably kill me if he knew. 

We had a FUN day together, me and Abby and Oney. Just wished Judson and Ally could have been there, too! GO LUCY GO!