Friday, April 5, 2013

Oney's Arm...

Oney went back to the doctor for his broken arm this morning for what we thought was a routine cast change and checkup. Boy were we surprised! Ginny took him to the doctor since we were in Vegas. She ended up spending most of the day at Campbell Clinic. They had x rays, braces, casts, more xrays, an MRI, etc. What looked like a minor wrist sprain and tiny fracture at first (2 weeks ago) is now presenting itself as a major break (today). They did several xrays and then an mri. It will take a
minimum of 8 weeks to heal.

This bone and type of break is notorious for complications and slow healing. There is a risk he could lose blood supply to his hand because of the nature of the injury-if that happens then we will be having surgery. He has an appointment with a hand surgeon for next week. So for now, we just have to wait and see how it heals. Please pray for him to heal quickly and properly without having to have surgery. Summer is just a few weeks away...

His new cast totally immobilizes his thumb and wrist. He can't write at all now.

 Si's BIGGEST fan. He LIVES for Duck Dynasty every week now. After his long day of poking and prodding at the doctor, Ally went and bought him this "happy"!

I saw this post of his while we were in nearly broke my heart!