Sunday, April 28, 2013

Washington Wedding

Thomas Carlisle (Patty and Fred's son) had the neatest reception. Judson and I were glad we went. They are both working and living in D.C. so they had a neat little twist of the Capitol in their reception. This picture is the grooms cake. The flowers behind were in the shape of an American flag backdrop. 

The wedding cake was actually petite fours. They were delish!
This was a neat idea...A "faked up cake" displaying cookies in the shape of Mississippi, Tennessee, DC and Virginia. The states that they are a part of now. 

My driver for the night in his "Mommas" "Mercedes"! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA...inside joke
Judson and I dressed up for the "black tie wedding"'s been was easier to get this dressed up when I was 16 or 18 or even 22?!?!
But, it is still a lot of fun...even if we do embarrass our children! 
Uh oh...birds started flying...

FUN Night!