Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oscar Night at TRA

Abby was in charge of Oscar night this year. She did an outstanding job by the way. 
Ally was in charge last year and set the bar pretty high. I hate that the girls are so close together and everything they do gets compared and contrasted. Fortunately, they are both pretty good girls and they work hard and make their parents proud! 

I went to school on Friday and helped Abby set up. I was honored that she asked me to help.

The girls and their handsome dates, Hayden and Darien. 

I love ❤️ this shot! MOM, please, no more pictures!

Proud Dad!

Breck and Jud and "Best Friends", Ally and Taylor.

Kayla and Ally

Abby's instagram...this was the CUTEST picture ever. Abby has always been so prissy. I just love her style and sass.

A year ago

"Mr. and Mrs. TRA"
"Most School Spirited"
I was so proud of these two.  They have been together since the beginning. Ally has worked her tail off for TRA for many years. Anything she has been in charge of she has done 110%. My kids aren't perfect but they are hard workers and they take pride in things they are in charge of. You don't always get the recognition that you deserve, but this time she did. I am SO proud of you Ally! Keep up the hard work in college.

Abby got to present Mrs. TRA to Ally...of course, I cried for a second!

Cute friends. Kayla, Haley and Ally