Friday, January 15, 2016

TV Time Means EARLY Alarms

Yesterday was EXHAUSTING! This showbiz is hard work! Ha ha! I stayed at the store last night until 10:30pm doing interviews. I showered and fell into bed only to set my alarm for 4:00am to do it all again. One of the MANY reporters that had been texting me the day before asked if we could go live on the morning show from the store. Well of course! This was Munford and Naifeh's tiny little "claim to fame"! 

I met the news crew bright and early before the store was even open. We were on New York time. 

This guy was super nice and fun to work with...just a normal guy doing his job like anyone else. 

 David Begnaud, CBS This Morning
 Melissa Moon, WREG

Judson and I talked and decided that we wanted to give our employees a little tiny piece of the winnings so that they could share in the excitement of it all and to show our appreciation of them. They were all very kind and appreciative. I know they work so hard for us and it was just a small gesture of thanks! 

The Commercial Appeal on Friday morning. 

MY FAVORITE PHOTO...this was on the front page of the Tennessean 

Our awesome local Chamber friends! 

 Gabe Gutierrez, NBC News

What a fun day!