Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winning Powerball Sold in Munford

Judson left tonight to go to Reelfoot duck hunting with some grocers and vendors. He packed up and wouldn't be back home until Friday afternoon. I'm not sure why, but I never sleep very good when he is out of town. So, like normal, I had been tossing and turning for about a half hour when I decided to get up and use the restroom. When I crawled back into bed, I grabbed my phone to check the time. Then I clicked on my notifications and this is what popped up...

at 2:13am

"WINNING powerball lottery ticket SOLD in MUNFORD"

I rubbed my eyes and read it again...

a chill went through my body...

I checked twitter...

Then I went to double check how much the retailer in California that sold the ticket won...yep, it was $1,000,000

Holy &@^%, we could have just won a million dollars! I definitely could not sleep now. So, what did  I do? Yep, I called Judson and woke him up. I could hardly contain myself. Judson. "we may have won a million dollars"!!! What ? Where? Wait? He was dead asleep! We went to the TN lottery website to check and see how many places in Munford sold tickets. There were only three, us and two others. So, we had a darn good chance that we sold the ticket. He went back to sleep. I stayed up all night. Boy could we put that million dollars to good use. 

Finally, at about 5:40am I got out of bed and started getting ready for work. I just had a feeling that today would be an exciting day at work! This wasn't just any old lottery, this was the LARGEST powerball in the history of the lottery. This was a BIG DEAL! And our store might possibly be a part of this excitement. 

I paged the kids over the intercom from my bathroom as I put my makeup, this is Mom, this is NOT a joke, I need you to come to my room. I am getting ready for work and I do not have time to spare. It is concerning the lottery. 

Of course, they popped out of bed and charged over to our side of the house! I explained to them what was going on and that I expected to hear from lottery officials that morning. My gut feeling just told me it was our store and I wanted them to be a part of the excitement, plus I wanted them by me for support! 

My phone began ringing immediately. It was hitting the local morning news that a Munford retailer sold the ticket. News trucks were setting up at the tobacco store in town waiting on an announcement from lottery officials. 

Did ya'll sell the ticket? Did y'all win a million dollars? Who won the big lottery? DO you know them? Etc...I called Penny at the Munford store and told her I was on my way. She hadn't heard anything from anybody. 

Already, people were "claiming" to have one and rumors were starting.