Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hunters Turned Plumbers

 The ducks weren't flying too much this morning but the snapchats were coming. 
How cute is this face?

On a different note, all of a sudden, our sinks started gurgling, our toilets started backing up, and the dishwasher started making noises... I called Roy Clay after church and he told me to open these drains in the yard until her could get here Monday morning. So, when the men got home from duck hunting I told them to get to work! 

Oney was telling Judson how to do it and Judson went to work! 

 They found the drains..but boy oh boy...not a fun job...
As soon as he loosened the top....out came the "STUFF"...ugh...
Roy Clay can't get here fast enough!!! 

What does a country boy do on a sunny Sunday afternoon??? Go spray paint his name on something, of course! 

Happy Birthday to Ally...her first birthday away at college...I can't believe she is "19"! This time next year I will have two college kids and a 20 year old...time please slow down, just a little?