Friday, January 13, 2017

Jeep Time

After several months of juggling cars, we finally found Oney a car- a jeep. He has been so patient driving an old work truck of my Dads, "Rooney", nicknamed by Oney of course. I have never seen anyone so happy to have his own wheels. He was THRILLED! I don't blame him-everyone in the house has always wanted a jeep. We have always said they weren't the best to drive a lot of miles in - I still believe that-Oney literally drives less than 5 miles to school everyday-so it was a go! 

The day we made our mind up he started polishing it up. From the top, to the fenders, to the rails, to the tires he cleaned and shined it up! He could't wait and let Marty do it. Lord please watch over him on the road. 

It was cold and rainy that afternoon, so we pulled it in the backroom of the store. Some of his friends stopped by to see it and helped him clean it up! He has really made some AWESOME friends this year at Covington High School. Praise the Lord-what a difference a year makes.