Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy 45th Birthday Judson!

WOW...did we really celebrate Judson's 40th birthday 5 years ago??? Here are a few pics from his awesome party at the lake 5 years ago. 

Look how skinny we both were 5 years ago. Ugh. 
This years celebration was a little more low key. He cleaned his guns while watching football. 
Then we double dated for the first time with Abby and Hayden. We went to Chili's (mine and Judson's favorite old date spot) to eat. Then we went to see the movie about the bombing of the Boston Marathon, Patriot's Day. It was so good - so sad and horrific yet uplifting to see how the victims could have such positive attitudes. 
Judson and Hayden had to sit on the same side of the booth so they could see the football game. Sometimes it is scary how much they are alike. 
Oney skipped out on us and went to the Main Event with his group of friends. Thanks to the mommas who drove them and looked after them. 
Oney, Maddie Douglas and Ellie Naifeh.