Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another Man Down...

I guess I spoke too soon. Just as Ally was getting ready to pack up and head back to East TN, she got the flu. She woke up  this morning with fever and aching all over. We ran to the doctor and lo and behold another one dies the dust. 

We got her tamiflu, tylenol and a fresh pitcher of sweet tea and she has been holding down the sofa. She has been really sick. I am so so glad she got it before she headed back to school. I just hope she feels like driving back by Saturday or Sunday. 

There is nothing like your Momma's ❤️ when you aren't feeling well. I will never be able to repay my mom OR my sister for all the nursing they did (do) for me with all my sickness as a child (adult). Can you imagine not having anyone there to help take care of you? I can't - nor - do I want to!