Monday, February 25, 2013

Adult Time Out

Look at my smexy hubby! (The girls will be so embarrassed) He is the best snow skiier! He not only has no fear, he has great form and skill. I just LOVE the mountains. Look at the blue skies in the background. This was a prefect day of skiing after yesterday's blizzard. 

Me and Jan riding the lift up. She has the best group of friends in Nashville. We really enjoyed the trip with them. They are all so generous and kind...they are really like family to each other. They are as lucky to have Jan as she is to have them! 

Jud the stud on the lift with all of the women. Lisa was hiding in this one. 

The girls

I sent this pic back to the kids...a kiss from Mom and Dad. I don't think they really approved. It seems like I embarrass them more and more everyday. 

Park City has some cool artwork on the ski slopes. I thought this was precious. 

Me and Rosie!

One of my new friends...Jeff...

A couple of us took a break from skiing the last few runs. We found a nice spot to take in the sights. We also had a little fun while waiting of the die hards! 

No cork screw needed...

"Middle Eastern Lisa"

The "pole" girl...

All in all another fabulous trip...yes, I am spoiled. And yes, Mom, I would follow Judson to the end of the Earth!