Saturday, February 23, 2013

Food and Friends

We are having a great time in Utah. We are eating too much and laughing a lot, too! We had dinner tonight at High was wonderful! The whiskey tasting was pretty good too! The best part was the dessert-a Krispy Kreme donut covered with whiskey, caramel, ice cream, etc. It was delicious! 

A meringue with fruit on top

My favorite...the donut on bottom

They desperately need some snow here this year. They are forecasting a good bit for tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully, it will hold true. 

A "selfie" of Mom...

Me and Jud ...its starting to snow a bit. 

Thank goodness we decided to head in after our late lunch today. We skied back in near blizzard conditions. It was so windy and visibility was terrible. We were all thankful when we were off the slopes this afternoon. Tomorrow should be PERFECT! 

Jeff and all of his friends...

Lisa and all of her friends...

A tradition at dinner each night was to take a panorama of our table! It was so funny! I didn't post them all, but you would have thought we were all about 16! 

Can you tell we had a wine connoisseur with us? Yes, everyone typically had about three wine glasses in front of them at dinner each night. 

Another fancy dessert...

My baked Alaska...yummy! 

Me and Jan right before the snowstorm started.

Another fun day with friends and family.