Monday, February 4, 2013


I read something the other day that went something like this...

When your children are babies, you hold them in your lap. 
When your children grow up, you hold them in your heart! 

This is so true. As the girls get older, they are not as affectionate with me nor do they want to sit with me or cuddle up together. They have outgrown my "lap". So instead of holding them in my arms. I just have to hold them tight in my heart, loving them with everything I can. Oney hasn't reached this point yet. He will still hug, cuddle and sit with me. I know our days are numbered. It is so hard as a parent to start "letting go"...but it is necessary for them to grow up and mature. 

Look at my sweet text Oney sent me a few days ago. Sweet boy! 

I saw this at one of the schools we played basketball in last week. It is SO true. 

I couldn't resist this one. She may not want me to squeeze and hug her, but I just can't resist those baby blues! WOW!