Saturday, February 23, 2013

Partying at Pickwick

President's Day Weekend at the Lake...we finally made it to Pickwick! We took my "spousey", Breck,  and his family with us! It was a ton of fun! I just LOVE Stephanie and am looking forward to many more fun times with her and Breck and the three kiddos! 

Can you see the muddy water dripping from Abby's hair? 

Standing in the middle of the lake!

Me and Steph!

Taylor, Oney, Abby
Carson, Addey, Ally

Guess who got stuck? Yep, Mr. Breck! 



The kids were looking at pictures on my wall of shame at the lake house. The quote of the night was "look at fat Mr. Breck"! 

Although, he is skinny now, he still loves a good meal! 

We are looking forward to many more good times with Breck and Stephanie!