Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Dance

Proud Dad

Judson with the "Girls", Abby, Grace and Anna Claire before the Valentine's Dance 

How amazing is this hair? I don't think I could EVER have hair that beautiful! Abby really does a great job with her hair! She didn't get those skills from me...

Sisters...Ally was so proud of her sister...

Anna Claire, Abby & Grace
Joze was the only thing missing! 

How short do I look? 

Unbelievable...I love the fact that my girls are proud and confident with their height. 

Austin Sanfratello

Basketball Babes! 
Bayley Jo, Lauren, Abby, Bethany, Molly, Rachel, Kallie, Britt

The Man Himself...Rockin' Robin' Knowles...the BEST DJ around! He really knows how to get a party started and how to keep it rolling! He is well worth the money. Thanks Robin for taking such good care of us at all of our parties!