Monday, February 25, 2013

WakeUp Call...

My phone rang this morning and all I could hear was screaming and crying from the other end...then someone said those words you never want to hear and if you do, you really don't believe...

"Everything is ok, but, Abby had an accident." I looked at my watch and knew they had made it to school so I knew they hadn't been in a car wreck. But, I could tell by the urgency in Ally and Kim's (the secretary) voice that she was hurt. She was playing basketball in P.E. She went up for a block and slipped on the way down and hit teeth first on the gym floor! OUCH! She knocked her front two permanent teeth in half and pushed her front four teeth back in her mouth. I was hysterical of course. I knew it was something that could be fixed but I wanted to be there. We were flying out of Salt Lake in the afternoon and I couldn't get there any faster. I also couldn't get in touch with ANYBODY! My sister was at the Lake, Sandra and Joe were at the hospital having a minor eye surgery, my Dad was out of town, my Mom was at work and not answering her phone. Ugh...Finally, I got in touch with my mom, Britt and Jay. So off they went to Dr. Brad's in Memphis. Thanks to Judy James (a dental assistant that just happened to be a substitute at school), we had the teeth pieces in milk and were able to reattach them. Dr. Brad Wilkinson, the BEST pediatric dentist, had just attended a conference last weekend on a new method of saving chipped teeth!!! Guess what?? He was able to reattach both teeth for now. We are HOPING that there will be no nerve damage and that this will be a permanent fix! All four of the front teeth were displaced so her bite is off. If it doesn't correct itself, we can fix that very easily! She is going to be one sore little lady by bedtime. She had a MAJOR bump on the floor. She is SO SO lucky that she didn't cut her lips or break her nose. Whew! I can't wait to get home and hug her! 

This is the first picture Judson and I got. I think we both felt better seeing it knowing her face was ok. We knew the teeth could be totally replaced if need be.

This was our second picture when she was in the car on the way to the Dr. She had composed herself and had a great attitude! Made me feel a lot better! 

This is Me in panic mode looking at how far apart we were...I think I could have driven there if I had to get to her! 

Ta-da! How beautiful is her smile? THANKS to our AWESOME Dr. Brad! 

And finally her social media post. I knew she was ok when she sent this to me! The before and after!

The gym floor...yes, those are teeth marks! My teeth have been hurting for her all day! 

I LOVE YOU ABBY for being so brave today and I LOVE YOU ALLY for being an awesome big sister and caretaker! I can't wait to be home and kiss you both! Oney, I hope you didn't find out until after school!