Thursday, March 7, 2013

Grandparent's Day...the Final Show

Grandparent's Day is a HUGE tradition at TRA. Thursday's performance closed that Chapter in my book. After 12 or so performances for my three children, the Naifeh's are moving on to Middle School. We have outgrown the Grandparent's Day celebration. We are leaving the precious elementary days, activities, parties in the rear view mirror. WOW! Time really does fly! 

Oney looks JUST LIKE HIS FATHER at this age! So cute! Scary to think that this is the boy that I fell in love with a million years ago!

It was a precious program as usual. We have been blessed with our music teacher, Ms Carole Mathis. She is AWESOME!   What a great place to raise your children to learn about the LOVE of God. I am sad to think we are finished with elementary school and our incredible friend and principal Ms. Susan. But, I am looking for to Oney's middle school years and Ally and Abby's high school years. We are going to SOAK it ALL up because it will all be over before we know it!