Friday, March 22, 2013

Broken Bones...Again

Oney has decided to move his bedroom upstairs so that he can have his own bathroom. So, we have been in the process of dismantling his room downstairs and moving everything upstairs. Last night he asked for help getting something down off of his wall. Of course, I said "in a minute". After multiple, "in a minutes", he took it upon himself to stand in his rolling chair and get it down himself. The only problem is he came tumbling down and took everything off the wall on the way down. He fell on his right wrist and said immediately that he broke it. I said, oh Oney, it will be ok. Oney really isn't a whiner. But, it wasn't bruised or swollen. Ally and Abby looked at it and said, It isn't hanging so it's fine! When he woke up for school the next morning, he was really complaining and didn't want to go to school. He kept saying he knew it was broken. He had four tests that day and I made him go to school! After about an hour or so, his principal texted me and said he was really hurting. So, off to Campbell Clinic we went! Needless to say, I FELT TERRIBLE for making him go to school! His arm still wasn't bruised or even swollen very much! As we pulled into CC, look what was crossing the drive in front of us...geese! 

As we were waiting on our x-ray results, I jokingly told Oney, if it wasn't broken, then I was going to break it! Well guess what...It was fractured right around his growth plate! I couldn't believe it! My third child had now broken his arm...all three of them have now broken their right arms! CRAZY! 

Guess what kind of cast Oney chose? Camouflage, of course! 

He was so excited about getting a cast. That lasted about five minutes. Then he realized how much of a pain it was going to be for the next few weeks! 

He had trouble getting to sleep that first night. I had him all propped up and gave him some Advil PM to help him sleep. I just love taking pictures of the kids asleep, no matter how old they get!