Sunday, March 10, 2013

Night in Nashville

Well, the hockey game was a huge hit! Thanks to some very generous friends of Aunt Jan's, they had the BEST SEATS in the house! They only better view would have been from a player's perspective. AWESOME! Nashville always does it right. Judson and Oney met up with Joseph and Jay at the game. They really enjoyed themselves. It is always good for Judson to spend time with just Oney and vice versa with me and the girls. 

Oney and his Daddy trying to send me a text to get me in a tizzy! They always send me silly texts like this when those two sneak away. Of course, Oney was not drinking this beer. 

Oney's puck symbolizing his first hockey game. It was a neat souvenir. 

Look who they ran into...Judson's fraternity big brother, Jeff Phelps. It is such a small world!

Oney walking down Broadway at a honky tonk. 

They made it to Judson and Oney's favorite place...the Cheesecake Factory...and got a bag full of desserts after the game. 

Ok, I think the delirium stage had set in at this point! 

The boys (maybe the men) spotted these cute girls sitting behind them and just had to take a picture with them! 

Two more souvenirs from the night! Also, Oney got the baseball cap he is wearing in the picture. Judson, me and the girls might all fight him for it. It is the coolest hat! I love it! 

Thank again to the Kemps for being such generous and kind friends. It was definitely a night that Judson and Oney will always remember and talk about! Go Predators!