Saturday, March 16, 2013

Honey, Do Me a Favor...

Call Peter! 

Either you have it or you don't...ability that is...there is no faking it on home improvement projects. Neither Judson or I have skills in this department. So why did we have this grand idea to tackle a list of projects on a beautiful Saturday? I'll NEVER do it again. Judson is good at doing many things, but a skilled carpenter he is not. We just thought we could save money...ha...our time is better spent doing the things we know how to do! So, after it took us hours to hang this shelf, we surrendered to "just call Peter and give him our list"!

We had several people stop and ask us if we were having a garage sale....nope, just cleaning out. We should have given half of this stuff away, if they would have just taken it away! We ended up taking so long on the shelf that we had to just sling it all back in the garage before dark. FRUSTRATING end to what was supposed to be such a productive day! 

Oh, did I tell you that this beam was in our way? Our measurements were off on the shelf and it wasn't going to work. What did we do? Yep, Judson just took the saw to it and cut it out!!! Scary, huh? We were delirious at this point and just ready to quit!