Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rabbit Hunting

For awhile now, Oney has been taking off on the Polaris to go "rabbit hunting" on the land behind our house. He usually ropes in either Carson or Addey to go with him. Sometimes Ally will go. Note, he has NEVER come back with a dead rabbit.  BUT, last night was different! 

Here is how the conversation went...
Oney-Me, Addey and Brooke are going rabbit hunting
Me-OK, Oney. Good luck to y'all -please be careful with the girls
Oney- 5 min later-comes in the back door squealing-We got one -we got one! Sure enough, they chased a rabbit down and ran right over him and killed it! No guns involved! Amazing! 

Our dog didn't know what to think about it. These three kids were so proud. Nights like these are why I LOVE raising my kids in a small town! This night will be told over and over many times. I might actually hop on the Polaris next time and go with him! 

Oney called Chester over to teach him how to skin it. Yes, I have a rabbit in my freezer at home! Oh, this is the mount Oney wants to do for his rabbit! Boys will be boys!