Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nature beautiful is this sight? If this sight doesn't make you think about our great Creator, then something is wrong with you. The sunset this afternoon made me realize just how much I love to hunt. It made me realize the importance of quiet time. Outdoor time is definitely medicine for the soul! 

Why were we outside taking this in today? We have talked about coyote hunting forever and we never have really officially done it. So, last night when we had Breck and Stephanie over for dinner, we decided to give it a try! 

I mean really, how beautiful are these pictures? I just snapped them with my iPhone...I think they look amazing! I just love Stephanie and Breck. They are just laid back and fun to be around. I can't wait until she is finally settled in the neighborhood. She is like me...always ready and willing to seek out a fun, new adventure!


 How handsome is this man? I think I am going to have to print this one and put it in my office at work.

Stephanie and Breck

On the way back in to the house...we didn't get a kill, but we sure did get a couple of great pictures!

Thankful tonight for all of God's creation, especially my family of five and all that we have been blessed with in life.